General Opening Comment Examples

Member onboard less than 90 days.

Evaluation submitted upon member's transfer to ____, ____.

Evaluation submitted to document member's reduction in rate.

Evaluation submitted on the occasion of detachment for IA duty.

Individual traits used to manage RSCA and are not indicative of performance.

IKE's underway schedule was only obstacle to CATCC Supervisor qualification.

Evaluation submitted upon member's advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

Evaluation submitted for continuity purposes. Member onboard less than 90 days.

Evaluation submitted upon member's selection for advancement to Chief Petty Officer.

Evaluation submitted upon member's separation from the United States Naval service.

Promotable Senior Chief due solely to ranking restrictions. Consistent EP performance.

Evaluation submitted to establish a performance mark average for the March 2016 advancement exam.

Outstanding Sailor and Air Traffic Controller! Promotion recommendation is NOT indicative of actual performance. An EP Sailor who stepped aside to allow others the opportunity to promote due to his/her intentions to separate from Naval service.

Opening Statements

Petty Officer ___ is poseidon's gift to the Navy.

Unparalleled leader and mentor who had immediate impact on the command. Inspired dramatic change while guiding every Sailor to their maximum potential.

Ranked 1 of XX highly competitive First Class Petty Officers aboard Naval Station! Razor sharp appearance and military bearing! Future LDO He demonstrates the highest standard of leadership, professionalism and innovation.

Highly dedicated individual with unwavering commitment to mission success!


An exemplary and versatile manager whose leadership has encouraged the highest level of growth from his Sailors and fellow Chiefs.


Ranks #6 of 18 in a Highly Competitive CPO Mess! Summary ranking based strictly on timing and seniority, MP RECOMMENDATION DRAMATICALLY UNDERSTATES THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THIS FAST TRACKER. CLEAR BREAK OUT AMONGST HIS PEERS.


Ranked #___ out of ___ in the Department. Ranked #___ out of ___ highly competitive Petty Officers in the Division.

*** Would be my #___ of ___ Second Class Petty Officers if ranked with his peers. ***

My #X of XX highly competitive PO1's. Selected as Naval Station Mayport Senior Sailor of the Quarter. A truly NATURAL deckplate leader. Fully committed to the personal and professional development of Sailors! Will make an exceptional CPO or LIMITED DUTY OFFICER!

TACRON 22 Air Traffic Controller of the YEAR 2012, nominated for SURFLANT ATC of the year!



E-7 BD

My #____ of highly competitive FCPOs; NSN FY-14 SOY. I want him in the Chiefs Mess! A rare-breed whose performance is characterized by outstanding technical knowledge, dynamic leadership, and genuine concern for his Sailors. Performing as a Chief Petty Officer!

My number 1 of XX highly competitive First Class Petty Officers. A dedicated leader who sets and maintains the highest standards of performance for himself and subordinates.

Superb leader at the top of his peer group. Sustained Superior Performance. Without question, ready for the next level. SELECT TO CHIEF OR LDO NOW!

*Ranked #___ of ___ highly competitive ___ Class Petty Officers.*
Petty Officer ___ is vital to the IKE CATCC TEAM and has limitless potential.

A phenomenal leader with superior judgment, poise, and intelligence; key attributes that our institution values and absolutely requires to be a Master Chief Petty Officer.

Petty Officer ____ would have been ranked #1 of 11 highly qualified Sailors. He has been a motivated top achiever and strong performer during his entire tour.

Demonstrates extraordinary leadership in an E-7 billet! Has earned my complete trust and confidence.

A sustained superior performer since day one who would be ranked higher if not newly assigned! AC1 ____ easily performs at the level of a Chief Petty Officer. MORE THAN READY FOR ANCHORS!!! MAKE IT OFFICIAL!!!

My # ____ of ____ Petty Officers assigned. He is the ___ I would choose to lead my CATCC during combat operations.

___ is a top performer who always excels in the up-tempo environment of carrier aviation. Ranked # ___ of ___ in the division and #___ of ___ PO1/2/3 s if ranked in the Department.

____ s rare combination of dynamic leadership skills, intelligence and integrity is a force multiplier and ensures mission readiness. This Master Air Traffic Controller is a cornerstone in the success of NAS ____. Select for CPO NOW!

A must pick for Master Chief and any billet leading to a CMC designation.

Petty Officer ____ is unquestionably the most impressive Sailor in the command and already performing at the Chief level. An absolute superstar. He is CPO Ready!

____'s unsurpassed work ethic, leadership, and expertise have infinitely improved overall effectiveness of radar operations at Naval Station Norfolk

Petty Officer ____ is a competent Sailor whose performance and professional knowledge are constantly improving. She possesses every basic attribute to excel.

Petty Officer ____'s performance is nothing short of exceptional. His/Her professionalism, leadership and dedication have set the standard for performance within his/her division.

Petty Officer ____'s performance is underscored by his professionalism, initiative and accomplishments. Although onboard a short time, he has quickly established himself as a frontrunner. Leads by example, an action-oriented Sailor that excels.

A sustained superior performer, remains my #1 First Class Petty Officer, period!

Petty Officer ____ is a rising star and has quickly established himself as a front runner amongst his peers in minimal time!

Petty Officer ____'s performance is characterized by reliability, initiative and resourcefulness.

____ is an exceptional manger and organizer whose demonstrated expertise as a leader has immeasurably improved the overall performance and readiness of this command.


Petty Officer ____ is an outstanding Second Class Petty Officer who possesses unlimited energy. He has been a motivated top achiever and strong performer during his entire tour.

Petty Officer ___ is an outstanding ___ Class Petty Officer with unlimited energy.

Petty Officer ___ is an exemplary Sailor and Air Traffic Controller who is on the fast track to becoming one of OC Division's elite ___ Class Petty Officers.

Outstanding Sailor. Performance is nothing short of exceptional. His professionalism, leadership and dedication have set the standard for performance within OC division.

Petty Officer ____ is a self-starter whose work is marked by integrity and initiative. He performs with precision and with a great sense of responsibility.

Petty Officer ___ is a selfless, hardworking and extremely versatile Sailor. He is an aggressive go-getter who completes all tasks without hesitation.

___ has distinguished himself as an exceptional Sailor through rock solid leadership and superb performance. His commitment to junior Sailors is second to none.

Petty Officer ___ is an exceptional Air Traffic Controller and a dynamic Sailor. His in-depth knowledge and technical expertise has made him/her an irreplaceable pillar in the division and command.

Petty Officer ____'s performance is nothing short of exceptional. His professionalism, leadership and dedication have set the standard for performance within his division.

Petty Officer ___ is a dedicated and determined Sailor who excels in all tasking. He has established a reputation as a versatile performer and resourceful problem solver.

Onboard only 7 months, Petty Officer ____ has quickly established him/herself as a front-runner, quickly making a positive impact in the ATC Division. A confident and efficient Air Traffic Controller who is extremely dependable and profoundly effective.

Petty Officer ____ is a knowledgeable Air Traffic Controller with unlimited potential. His personal motivation has been a cornerstone for junior Sailors to follow his lead in personal and professional development.

Petty Officer ____ is an exceptional leader and technical expert; his abilities have made him an undeniable asset to Air Operations and Naval Station Norfolk.

Petty Officer ___ is a motivated, dedicated and hardworking individual whose performance has contributed significantly to this command's mission and junior Sailors.

______ is completely dedicated to command mission accomplishment. A total team player with a cooperative spirit that contributes to the high morale in the work center.

- Highly polished and professional leader who is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of Air Traffic Control.

Exceptional Sailor that can always be relied upon to produce stellar results in the most demanding endeavors! Exhibits strong desire to excel in all professional aspects.

AC2 ____ exhibits the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and dedication. His contributions to this department s mission cannot be overstated.

AC ____ demonstrates excellence and diligence in the performance of his duties. Exhibits tremendous knowledge and the skills required to excel.

AC3 ____ exhibits the highest standards of conduct and is extremely committed to self-growth and improvement. Stellar supervisor who always works to produce flawless results.

AC3 ____ is a superb Sailor and Air Traffic Controller. Possesses a mature demeanor and leads by personal example. Always relied upon to produce exceptional results.

Airman ____ is a very diligent, intelligent and hardworking Sailor. He needs no supervision to produce quality results. Always eager to become more active within the division, his enthusiastic nature is best shown when learning ATC procedures.

Airman ____ is a hard charging self-starter who can be relied upon to complete any task assigned. He consistently produces quality work without assistance or direction.

Airman ____ is a self-motivated Sailor that consistently gave 100 percent to Air Traffic Control and to and to NAS ____. His positive demeanor and can-do attitude enhanced division morale and built esprit de corps in Air Traffic Control.

Talented Air Traffic Controller with boundless potential. His dedication and hard work, earned him Air Operations Blue Jacket of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter.

- A month after checking on board, he quickly established himself as an integral member of Air Traffic Control Division and Command.

Airman ____ is an energetic self-starter who possesses the initiative and desire to excel. Consistently seeks out positions of responsibility and authority.

- Phenomenal leader and talented beyond his paygrade. Dedicated work ethic, mentorship, and mastery of air traffic control have made him an invaluable member of this command

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