Misc Eval Bullets

- Reporting constraints force EP/MP. PO Sailor is a standout leader and professional. Superior technical acumen with lead from the front style. Excels among the strongest group of PO1s I've seen. Superb CPO material! This is the Navy's finest!

-Unparalleled readiness: personal craft was recognized by ISIC ITT and LCTT as "Best in Det" during ULTRA cycle. Detachment Bravo completed flawless PMINT, CERTEX, and COMPTUEX in support of 24TH MEU, safely transporting over 1500 tons of combat cargo; unequaled readiness led to selection from among peers to support Operation Unified Response for Haitian Relief.

- NATURAL BORN LEADER. Devoted 61 hours of in-rate training to four Sailors, resulting in 11 qualifications and increased watchfloor flexibility.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As the Safe Ride Coordinator, he maintained, promoted, and tracked over 2,200 Sailor safe ride cards, ensuring they were always equipped with a safe means of transportation. His tireless efforts resulted in a 25 percent reduction in command DUIs.

Balanced Leadership. Filled the role of Leading Petty Officer, her focused leadership, superb organization, and superior mentorship of 13 personnel enabled her division to excel, resulting in 8 new Warfare Specialists and 100% maintenance completion.

- Applies all available resources and strategic leadership skills to identify and forge future Navy leaders. His obsessive desire and will to teach is apparent by his time invested in CPO 365 evolutions for XXX CPO's and FCPO's.

Outstanding performer and an invaluable member of the FRC Mid-Atlantic Team.
- Dedicated supervisor. Led 18 technicians completing 3,059 maintenance actions and performed 250 Quality Assurance final inspections, directly contributing to the work center's 96.5 percent Ready for Issue rate.
- Meticulous manager. Assisted in redesign of the ancillary equipment storage room, resulting in 100 percent accountability of 433 support equipment assets and a 15 percent increase in throughput.
- Devoted mentor. Sponsored 12 newly assigned Sailors, playing a key role in supporting the Navy's "First 72 hours" model ensuring a smooth transition into the FRC Mid-Atlantic team.
- Civic minded. Dedicated five off-duty hours, with the Norfolk Animal Care Hospital, contributing to the rescue of 4,562 stray animals.
Highly recommended for advancement.

- Highly effective program manager. Displayed uncommon pride in the ownership of his/her duties and performed superbly as Dispersed Technical Publication Librarian, receiving zero discrepancies on the last technical publications audit conducted by Quality Assurance.

- Motivated and capable. Flawlessly executed all assignments with no rework required as a result of his/her "by the book" mindset from start to finish of each maintenance action. His/Her exceptional performance contributed significantly to his workcenter's record of success and the squadron's XX percent sortie completion rate during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

- Highly effective supervisor. Crucial driving force behind his/her workcenter's completion of XXX scheduled and XXX unscheduled maintenance actions during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

- Recognized expert. Routinely called upon to diagnose and repair the most complex X discrepancies. His/Her efforts were key the expeditious restoration of vital aircraft to full mission capable status, enabling the squadron to successfully complete XXX combat mission and X,XXX flight hours during an extended combat deployment.

- Highly skilled technician and mentor. Often called upon to troubleshoot and repair the most complex aircraft discrepancies. His/Her dedicated efforts resulted in the expeditious return of vital aircraft to full mission capable status, enabling the squadron to meet all operational objectives. Devoted numerous hours in the training of five junior technicians. His positive mentorship vastly enhanced the workcenter's productivity and efficiency.

- Superlative initiative and mentor. As the only night shift Collateral Duty Inspector, he/she devoted numerous hours training X junior workcenter personnel on the complexities of the FA-18C X and related systems. His/Her dedication and positive mentorship enhanced the workcenter's efficiency and the command's mission effectiveness.

- Plans and prioritizes. Effectively communicated with maintenance control and workcenter supervisors to ensure all maintenance efforts were coordinated and maximized to the fullest extent.

- Unmatched technical knowledge and initiative. His/Her proactive involvement and "by the book" maintenance practices reduced repeat discrepancies by XX percent and the workcenter's backlog from over XXX to XX, while meeting all squadron commitments with excellent results during an extended and strenuous Western Pacific deployment.

OS2 is highly engaged at every opportunity. His devoted and concentrated efforts expand his scope of responsibilities and contribute to the efficient functioning of _______.

A proven high quality organizer, administrator, and manager whose potential for increased responsibility and authority is boundless. Consistently performs in an exemplary and highly professional manner resulting in his selection as JSOQ.

Petty Officer XXXXX is an independently driven Sailor who approaches all endeavors with unmatched motivation. Adept at becoming a key player in picking up challenging tasks she/he is a major contributor in the chain of command.


His astute leadership and superior capacity to manage a heavy workflow led him to be hand selected as Admin LPO during a period of reduced manning.

-Inspiring Leader! Petty Officer Jones understands BPT-5's mission and intuitively knows what the critical objectives are to ensure it is a success. He supervises his subordinates in such a way as to complete the objectives in the most efficient and professional manner, while maintaining the respect and admiration he deserves.

Versatile leader with strong technical skills.
- Diligent leader. Supervised 16 technicians performing 396 maintenance actions on 33 Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) test stations, contributing to a 95 percent station availability rate.
- Subject matter expert. Performed 17 Quality Assurance final inspections and repaired one of five CASS benches, increasing work center repair capability by 20 percent.
- Community involved. Participated in the Lenox Ocean View Neighborhood Watch Association, contributing to a reduction in neighborhood crime and apprehension of three suspected criminals.
- Motivated self starter. Qualified as Collateral Duty Inspector within six months, resulting in a 33 percent increase in qualified personnel.
Performance exceeds expectations. Highly recommended for advancement.

- Skilled supervisor. Directed production and administration efforts of eight personnel in the completion of 2,158 maintenance actions, resulting in a 98 percent repair rate and a 34 percent decrease in back log.
- Subject matter expert. Provided pier side support onboard USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65), training four technicians on Consolidated Automated Support System maintenance procedures, increasing proficiency by 38 percent.
- Unparalleled organizer. Streamlined issue and receipt procedures for the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) for CVW-1, resulting in zero inventory errors.
- Civic minded. Dedicated 192 off-duty hours to the Children's Hospital of King's Daughters, caring for terminally ill children.
Highly recommended for advancement.

- Outstanding technician. Repaired 83 F/A-18 avionics components with zero rework required, resulting in a 97 percent repair rate.
- Meticulous organizer. Trained two Individual Material Readiness List Petty Officers in the proper inventory procedures of 513 items, contributing to zero discrepancies during the command's Aviation Maintenance Inspection.
- Leader in fitness. Scored "Excellent High" on most recent Physical Readiness Test.

As the 3rd NCR (FWD) Logistics Leading Petty Officer, he demonstrated a unique ability to motivate personnel to perform to the best of their abilities.

- AGGRESSIVE INSTRUCTOR: Personally drafted the CVW-7 Basic Damage Control Course and Student Notebook thus becoming the Airwing training standard for Damage Control.

- Maintained admin and logistic requirements for 3 teams while they were downrange and while at CLDJ.

A True Team Player. Flawlessly prepared and executed the administration required for an operation vital to national security and a 6-month Western Pacific Deployment.

-In-depth knowledge of aviation ordnance and strong belief in the team concept was instrumental in the command receiving an outstanding during the demanding Mine Readiness Certification Inspection (MRCI).

Steadfast and dependable. As assistant section leader, guided the section of 24 Sailors to complete all available training lectures while under way despite demanding shift schedules.

- Radiates energy and extreme enthusiasm while supporting activities at the NAS Jacksonville community chapel.

- USS Bainbridge has best retention rate in Fleet. Through his hardwork, perseverance, and diligent insight he has increased my ship's annual retention rate making it the best in the fleet.

-Peerless uniform and appearance; adheres to NAVPERS 15665I; sets example for peers and subordinates.

-Greatly contributed to the successful loading of 14 mines during the Mine Readiness Certification Inspection with an overall grade of outstanding.

Inspirational Leader. He trained his junior yeomen to run the ship's office in his absence and developed a comprehensive collection of Standard Operating Procedures to increase office efficiency. He mentored all sailors within the department and set the highest standards for customer service and championed the crew's needs in all respects.

- Proactive specialist in equal opportunity and diversity. Admired for high standards and fair treatment.

-Superior technical expertise. Sound troubleshooting technique saved numerous sorties, resulting in a 100% sortie completion rate during an airwing Fallon detachment, and a 98% sortie completion rate during TSTA II.

TEAM BUILDER. Ensured the incremental completion of long and short range training plans producing 30 divisional qualifications and enhancing the flexibility of a 24 hour watch bill. Encouraged and supported maximum participation in MWR events, sports, and unit picnics off-duty.

DRIVING FORCE behind repair of SB-2781(V) communications patch panel, while using the casualty as a teaching tool for junior technicians. His efforts greatly increased communications capabilities in CIC, restoring a baseline lost through years of mismanagement.

DETAIL ORIENTED. Updated and corrected numerous, long standing, discrepancies in the Combat Systems Smooth Log prior to FEP, receiving accolades from ATG on preparedness and comprehensiveness of logs. Streamlined Combat Systems Maintenance Central (CSMC) through deletion of outdated publications, purging of obsolete records, and updating of technical publications both in CSMC and the Technical Publications Library. Directly responsible for the update of all ship s tactical and non-tactical software to ensure 100% accuracy. RAMAGE Combat Systems department runs smartly due to his efforts.

-A Petty Officer with the confidence to defend his position, even without the support of his peers or superiors

Reliable and competent sailor. Dedicated, cheerful, and hard-working indiviual who performs all duties in an accurate and enthusiastic manner. Needs little or no supervision when carrying out important tasks.

IMPRESSIVE MENTOR. Meticulously tracked the mentor relationships and qualifications of 687 Sailors, ensuring their personal and professional growth met the needs of the Navy. His aggressive involvement in the program created a strong sense of "Esprit de Corps."

- Senior Chief Smith is a staunch advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong Naval service. His unwavering support of the chain of command, firm enforcement of military standards, and equitable treatment of subordinates has optimized morale and promoted teamwork and mission accomplishment.

Continually seeks to improve himself by seeking advice from his superiors and implementing them in his daily tasks

-Performed countless High/Low power engine maintenance turns on 14 assigned A-6E Intruder aircraft. As the only person qualified on night shift during the Fallon detachment he was directly responsible for the squadron's outstanding 100% sortie completion rate.

DEDICATION TO INSTRUCTING AND EDUCATION- Petty Officer xxxx has completed his Master Training Specialist, multiple College courses, and CUIT qualified 6 instructors in timely fashion, resulting in overall superior training and education to students.

Every aspect of Chief Petty Officer Smith's performance has been of the highest caliber. He is an invaluable manager, counselor, and source of knowledge in all technical areas.

-Key player in command passing the demanding Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection. Received zero hits for graded chaff systems checks.

- Outstanding role model, his embodiment of Navy Core Values guarantees success. Promoted naval tradition and pride as Master of Ceremonies for two poignant retirement ceremonies.

-A dynamic Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA), increased communication between the ranks, increased overall satisfaction at work

-Coordinated and participated in traditional training event onboard the USS BAINBRIDGE similar to the CPO inductee program aboard the USS MISSOURI. Participation demonstrated care and concern for subordinates and helped ensure Navy traditions and pride endure.

- Thoroughly prepared his department for a Eastern Atlantic deployment. Preparation and foresight ensured NAV/OPS Department was always in excellent material condition and ready for sustained effective performace at sea. A self-starter, he completes many tasks before others realize that they need to be done.

-Efficient efforts contributed to a landmark low of 192 total outstanding NMCS/PMCS requisitions in the PMU section for an average of .77 Requisitions per aircraft, an impressive accomplishment for a Master Jet base.

- Exemplifies the highest standards of moral integrity and personal honor. Capable and dedicated, he demonstrated extraordinary discipline.

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