Warrant Officer Eval Examples

*** Ranks 1 of 13 CWOs/Junior LDOs aboard! ***
*** Best Bos'n on the Waterfront! ***

- Outstanding Leader whose firm mentoring resulted in safe and effective deck evolutions from the Well-Deck to the Bridge. Personally mentored numerous junior officers and enlisted towards their SWO and ESWS quals.
- Exceptional manager of time and people leading Deck Department to execute every mission flawlessly and ahead of schedule ISO JTF Lebanon to include: the transfer of millions of gallons of fuel during numerous refueling evolutions and the boat transfer of emergency medevacs from a Chilean Submarine and a Civilian Passenger Liner.
- Professional Mariner; developed LHD Class-wide operating procedures for supporting an LCAC/LCU configuration in the Well Deck. The only Warrant Officer onboard WASP to gain the Commanding Officer's trust to qualify as Command Duty Officer.
Bos'n Metham is my top Officer in my wardroom and the key to maintaining the ship as the envy of the waterfront. Without a doubt one of the finest Warrants I have ever worked with in over 26 years of Naval Service.

** Detail to the toughest jobs needing outstanding leadership! **
** Promote to CWO4 now! **

*** My #1 Warrant Officer! ***
*** Superior performance as AMO/MMCO. ***

- Implemented and coordinated the certification and validation of nine 4K, four 6K, three 4KRT, one 10K and one 20K forklift in addition to 6 radiological pieces of test equipment, while identifying and obtaining six critical pieces of test equipment in less than seventy-two hours to ensure AIMD's repair capability was at 100% for SURGE 06 ISO GWOT.
- IMAGINATIVE and CREATIVE. Continually strives to increase the range and depth of maintenance capability resulting in numerous ship beautification and non-aviation maintenance projects with cost avoidance of scarce CNSL funds in excess of $200,000.00.
- During JTF Lebanon Operations, he performed flawlessly as the only qualified Debark Control Officer. His control and coordination of ship-to-shore movements using both air and surface assets was unsurpassed. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST I HAVE SEEN!
- Recognized Trainer and Expert Motivator. Aggressively trained 8 FPOA's enabling USS WASP to certify during FPIA with 14 out 15 drills receiving a grade of "OUTSTANDING".
- Under his direct leadership, USS WASP'S Calibration Program achieved an unprecedented 90% readiness in all three A, E and S inventories comprised of over 5,000 assets.
Committed to excellence in every endeavor, CWO4 Gaine's leadership, managerial and technical knowledge makes him an absolute front runner for CWO5. SELECT TO CWO5 EARLY!!

CWO3 Lomax' 22 years of repair experience is constantly sought out onboard WASP!
He expertly coordinated and resolved scheduling conflicts between eight to ten separate contractors and 69 shipboard Work Centers during multiple shipyard availabilities.
- Repair professional. During the highly successful 6A1 and 6A2 shipyard availabilities, he navigated the new SHIPMAIN process to track completion of 330 Depot level repairs and 35 engineering CASREP's enhancing WASP's readiness.
- Damage Control Specialist! Hand-picked to serve as Ship's Fire Marshal to educate all DCTT members to properly train the crew in all facets of firefighting and damage control.
- Outstanding Manager! Identified a deficit in qualified Quality Assurance Craftsmen on board. He personally devised and implemented a training course, now given to newly reported personnel during command indoctrination, thereby enhancing the ship's QA program.
- Issued Letter of Reprimand at CO's NJP for violation of UCMJ articles 92 and 107.
CWO3 Lomax continues to apply his drive for perfection to every aspect of his assigned tasks. His job accomplishment rate and "Can do" spirit are consistantly lauded throughout the command and he has my utmost confidence in repairing my ship.

*** Ranks #1 of 3 highly competitive CWO4's!! ***
A proven expert in aircraft crash and salvage, and a top notch leader!

- Trained and mentored 18 crewmen in preparation for WASP's participation in the Crash and Salvage Team Trainer in Pensacola, FL. His extraordinary leadership resulted in a score of 94%, the highest of any Amphibious Assault Ship this fiscal year.
- As Process Control Procedure Coordinator, he provided Quality Assurance for the rehabilitation of 90,000 square feet of flight deck nonskid after an extensive maintenance availability. His efforts resulted in a highly successful AVCERT inspection and the completion of Air Department's Aviation Readiness Qualification 15 days ahead of schedule.
- His dedication and resourcefulness were instrumental to the completion of WASP's Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, and Tilt Rotor Certifications with 100% accuracy.
- Equally adept on the flight deck and running a division, he guided V-1 to a 96.5% grade on the ship's 3M evaluation.

CWO4 Carthon is a dedicated, talented professional that I routinely depend upon.
He has my strongest recommendation for promotion to CWO5!

*** Ranks #2 of 3 highly competitive CWO4s - equal to my #1 EP!! ***
CWO4 Scruggs continues to excel onboard WASP. Constantly seeks new and innovative process improvements and upgrades to material condition readiness in all food service spaces.
- Displayed exceptional leadership and management skills during the Supply Management Assessment. His meticulous attention to detail resulted in Food Service achieving a score of 94.02% allowing WASP to validate that portion of the Supply Management Inspection. He received many accolades for the superb quality and accountabilty of all financial records.
- Masterfully upgraded all areas of customer service and sanitation. Implemented an aggressive overhaul plan that has facilitated the replacement of numerous pieces of inoperative equipment. Increased food production by 20% and reduced man hours by 20% by installing state-of-the-art griddles, steamers and other food service equipment.
- Procured real Ice Cream machines and Starbucks Coffee dispensers dramatically improving crew morale. In addition, he effortlessly directed a work-force that performed a magnificent job off-loading $350,000 of perishable food items from the ship's bulk refrigerated storerooms into 4 pierside units, while preparing for refurbishment.
CWO4 Scruggs is an extremely talented manager and leader. His broad depth of experience and tenacity have made lasting improvements onboard WASP. Strongly recommended for CW05!

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